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What should I bring with me to my donation appointment?


All donors must have a valid, current form of government or state issued photo identification such as a driver’s license, residency card, or passport. Donors will also need to provide proof of their current, local residence if their photo identification does not have their current address listed. A utility bill postmarked in the past 3 months with your name and address clearly written on the envelope, a copy of your current lease, a copy of your current mortgage, a bank or credit card bill from the last 3 months, etc. will suffice. Some exceptions may apply to the donor residence proximity requirement, such as being a college student, being military personnel, or being a donor who is participating in a specific antibody collection program. **Please Note: You must bring proof of your social security number to your first donation, and to each annual donation thereafter. The document you provide must have your name and your social security number, in its entirety.

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