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New Donor Rewards in College Park

Increased Monthly Rewards

  • Earn increased rewards the more you donate each month - your compensation for each donation is based on the total number of donations you've made so far that month
  • The maximum number of donations each month will depend on your donation schedule and the number of days in the month. Choose a donation schedule that works best for you - the more you donate, the more you will earn!
  • You will receive compensation after your donation is processed via a B Positive issued reloadable Visa Debit Card
  • You can donate plasma a maximum of 2 times in a 7 day period


We value your time and generous donations of plasma, thanks for choosing B Positive!

B Positive is excited to announce that the transition to NextGen - our new automated donation system - is now complete!
NextGen provides a smooth, efficient and rewarding donation experience for all donors
  • No more paper files!
  • Decreased wait times
  • Secure kiosk check-in 
  • Electronic questionnaires 
  • Expedited vitals process
  • Automated compensation after every complete donation

NextGen increases speed and efficiency!


  • Earn $50 each for your first 5 donations
  • This promotion expires 30 days from your first complete donation
  • You will receive compensation according to the scale below after your new donor promotion is complete or expires
  • You may be eligible for this promotion if it has been more than 6 months since you donated plasma at B Positive

Sign Up to Donate

Compensation and special promotions will vary by location.
This update applies to College Park donors only. 

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