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B Positive Plasma celebrates international plasma awareness all month long

At B Positive Plasma - increasing awareness about the importance of plasma donation and recognizing the impact of plasma donors is an important part of what we do. We are proud to participate in International Plasma Awareness Week IPAW and will continue to highlight awareness all month long in what we like to call B Positive's International Plasma Awareness Month - IPAM!*



In her statement to the House of Representatives on Friday, October 13, California Congresswoman Doris O. Matsui recognized International Plasma Awareness Week and how plasma donors make a huge impact:


"Plasma-derived therapies save and improve lives of individuals throughout the world, including in emergency and surgical medicine. Plasma protein therapies have significantly improved the quality of life, markedly improved patient outcomes, and extended the life expectancy of individuals with rare, chronic diseases and conditions," she said.


Rep. Matsui is an advocate for primary immunodeficiency disease patients, and co-authored the Medicare IVIG Access Act, which allows these patients to receive plasma protein therapies in their homes. 

Your plasma donation is critical for creating life-saving medical therapies. In this post, we will highlight several important uses of plasma protein therapies. 



Bleeding disorders include Hemophilia, Von Willebrand Disease and many others. Most of these disorders are defined by clotting factor deficiencies. When a patient with a bleeding disorder receives plasma therapy, the clotting factors present in healthy donor plasma help platelets in their blood form clots if they become injured; something that would be impossible without plasma! 



Hereditary angioedema is a condition that causes swelling under the skin. It is genetic and inherited from your parents. There is a certain protein in the body that is unbalanced, causing blood vessels to push fluid into different areas of an afflicted person's body. With your healthy plasma, a person suffering from hereditary angioedema can experience an elevated quality of life because your plasma will balance out that protein! 



This affliction carries a lot of big words, but don't worry, B Positive Insider will break it down for you. Ultimately, it is weakness in the muscles of one's legs and arms because the brain doesn't communicate well to the nerves. Intravenous plasma therapy is very effective for CIDP because healthy donor plasma in the afflicted person's blood creates better communication flow, as well as more energy, in their body. 


Stay tuned for next week's part two of different ways your plasma donations improve other peoples' lives! 




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*For B Positive Plasma social media and blog post purposes only. International Plasma Awareness is still only celebrated one week annually and does not last the month of October. 


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