What type of medical screening and testing is done?

To ensure the safety of the plasma supply, every donation is tested for hepatitis and HIV. Periodic tests for syphilis, atypical antibodies, and other abnormalities are also performed.  To keep our donors healthy, every time they visit our center to donate we test their protein and red blood cell levels (hematocrit), along with their blood pressure, pulse, weight, and temperature. There is also an external lab test of our donors’ protein levels after their first donation and periodically thereafter, as required by law.  Please note that it is common for the external lab and internal protein tests to differ in value, and either test may result in a temporary deferral from donating.

All test results are kept strictly confidential, unless the donor gives permission to share it or we are required to do so by law. Donors will be notified by our management team or medical professionals regarding the finding of any adverse test results. B Positive Plasma does not test for blood type.

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