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Frequently Asked Questions

B Positive donors are financially compensated for the time they spend donating blood plasma. You can view our current Donor Promotions here.  Qualified donors are eligible to donate up to twice a week and can receive an average of $50 per week in the form of a reloadable B Positive Visa debit card*. Make more money and save more lives when you refer friends to donate at B Positive Plasma.

*B Positive reserves the right to not allow an individual to donate twice in one week for any reason at any time.

Please note: only one payment transaction is payable per B Positive Plasma Visa loyalty card per day. If you receive a referral bonus your donation payment for that day will be payable the following day. Only one referral is payable per day. If 2 are payable the same day, the second one will be paid the following day.