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Donation Process

Step 2: Prepare for Donation

To prepare for your donation, collect your required documents including a current (non-expired) photo ID, proof of Social Security Number and current proof of address. Eat a well balanced diet filled with low-fat, iron-rich whole foods and drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated. Plasma is 90% water so it is important to be well hydrated. Get a good night's sleep before you donate and avoid caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes prior to your donation.

Step 1: Sign Up to B Positive Today

New donors should sign up online to schedule your first appointment at B Positive. A center team member will contact you to pre-qualify you and schedule your first appointment and answer your questions about eligibility or the donation process. At B Positive, we make the process of donating your blood plasma simple, safe and rewarding. After your first donation, repeat donors are welcome to walk-in and donate during your center's open collection hours

Step 4: Physical Examination

All first time donors are required to have a brief sports physical by a member of our medical staff before being allowed to donate. This information is used to verify that you are eligible to donate plasma based on your health and medical history. If you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions they will be reviewed by our medical staff during your exam to determine if you are eligible to donate. After the first donation, donors are required to have a yearly physical examination or if they have been an inactive donor for six months or longer.

Step 3: Check In to Donate

When you arrive at B Positive you will be greeted by our friendly center staff. After signing in, you will complete new donor paperwork including a Health History Questionnaire. All new donors must provide a current Photo ID, proof of social security number and proof of permanent residence within 35 miles of a B Positive collection center. After checking your vitals including your blood pressure, pulse and temperature- we will record your weight and take a drop of blood from your finger to check the level of protein and red blood cells in your blood. 

Step 6: Earn Rewards and Make A Repeat Donation

After completing your first donation, new donors are issued a reloadable debit card and your compensation is made available to you immediately. We value your time and effort to donate at B Positive and reward you for every donation that you complete at our center. Your first donation is primarily used for testing to ensure the safety and quality of your plasma and only be used for live-saving medical therapies after a second qualified donation is made. Once we have two or more donations, your plasma will be used to produce live-saving therapies. That is why it is so important to be a repeat plasma donor!

Step 5: Complete Your Donation

Plasma is collected through a special process called plasmapheresis. This is a special process that separates your plasma from the blood and collects it in a bottle. The uncollected parts of the blood, including red blood cells and white blood cells, are returned back to you through the same sterile needle. We use a high tech device that safely and quickly collects the plasma. All supplies are disposable, opened in front of you and only used once. A single needle is inserted into a vein in the donor's arm as the donor relaxes in one of our collection beds. The entire donation process takes around 40 minutes. Donors can relax comfortably on our donation beds during the donation process. 

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