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  • Referral bonus will be paid within 1 day of the new donor's first complete donation.
  • New donors must be completing their first ever donation to qualify as a referral.
  • All B Positive donors can earn referral bonuses, all bonuses are paid to donor's B Positive Plasma Visa debit cards.




*Subject to eligibility requirement. You can donate plasma a maximum of 2 times in a 7 day period with at least 1 day in between donations. 

  • This promotion cannot be combined with New Donor 5 x $50 promotion
  • Both donations must be complete to receive bonus
  • Incomplete donations are paid on a sliding scale
  • All compensation is paid to your B Positive Visa Debit Card
  • Deferred donors are not eligible to participate
  • October promotion expires on 10/31/17

Promotions vary by location. This promotion applies to College Park donors only.


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