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Referrals: increase your earnings and save more lives

Did you know you can earn more when you refer a friend or family member to donate blood plasma? It’s true! When you invite a friend or family member to sign up online, ask him or her to include your name on their sign up form and you will earn an additional $10 the day he or she completes their first donation!


Spreading the word about blood plasma donation with B Positive Plasma is easy. You can sign in with Facebook, Twitter, or your email to get a personal tracking link and send to your friends via post or private message, or simply like us on Facebook and Instagram for your friends to see your activity in their newsfeeds! You can also post about us on Google+, LinkedIn, tumblr, reddit, and digg.




Blood plasma is becoming increasingly more important with each passing day for those in need of your donation, such as burn victims, hemophiliacs, new mothers and infants with postpartum complications, and researchers developing new vaccines and therapies. The more the merrier at B Positive Plasma! 


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