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Four ways to refer new donors

Our donors are not the only ones getting lucky in March! By donating blood plasma, you provide children and adults who need plasma protein therapies a chance at a normal life. There is always a need for healthy human blood plasma, which means there is always a need for plasma donors! B Positive Plasma has an exciting referral bonus opportunity for every first-time donor you refer! 


To successfully refer someone and earn the referral bonus, a first-time donor must include your full name when they sign up online. New donors must complete their first donation for you to earn the bonus. Your bonus will be paid to your reloadable B Positive Visa loyalty card 48 hours after the first-time donor completes their first donation. 

Interested in some tips on how to encourage your friends and family to participate in our program? B Positive Insider has you covered. 

Word of mouth 

Speak about it! Tell your friends and family about your experience at a B Positive Plasma center, our first-time donor promotion, and how their donation helps to save lives.  

Check-in or share our promotion info on Facebook 

When you visit our center, check-in on Facebook so your friends know you're there!  


You can just check in or write a status update on why you're donating. This should automatically create some buzz among your friends and urge them to check us out! 

We also advertise our bonus promotions on Facebook, so feel free to share those on your timeline as well! A Facebook status example could be: "Hey friends, get paid to donate blood plasma at B Positive Plasma! You will be paid $50 each for your first 5 donations made within 30 days and can earn up to $400 a month after those donations or 30 days! Check out to get started, and include my full name when you sign up!" 

Retweet us on Twitter 

Yes, B Positive Plasma has a Twitter page! Follow us @BPositivePlasma and see all our posts with links to our blog as well as helpful tips for donating successfully and frequently. Invite friends to see us as well by retweeting our posts, and hopefully it piques their interest enough to schedule an appointment and use your name when they sign up online! 

Tag your friends in our Instagram posts 

Our Insta features behind-the-scenes stories at our centers, educational posts for new and repeat donors, and bonus promotion info. Tag your friends in any of our posts or stories and tell them to use you as a referral when they sign up online!


Get lucky in March with B Positive Plasma's 7th anniversary promotions! There's 3 bonus weeks, a $100 loyalty reward when you complete your 7th donation, and you can earn $35 for EVERY FIRST-TIME DONOR YOU REFER when they include your full name when they sign up online! There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, but hurry because this amount is a LIMITED-TIME OFFER that expires 3/31! 


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