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The ABCs of Plasma: an introduction

Hi there! This is your B Positive Insider introducing a new series of blog post factoids for the month of September: the ABCs of Plasma! In September we will blog about 26 different facts in 13 posts revolving around the letters of the alphabet. In the spirit of the back-to-school bonus, these posts will educate you about all things B Positive, plasmapheresis, hydration, healthy eating, who your donation helps, and everything in between! 


Our first post will appear on September 3rd, featuring A for Albumin and B for Blood Plasma! Albumin is an enzyme found in your plasma and the most common protein in your body that helps repair tissue, and blood plasma is the straw-colored liquid portion of your blood you give to us! Keep an eye out for this post in the next few days. We are very excited for you to join us in this month of education and rewards!




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