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Common B Positive Plasma Donor Eligibility Questions

Interested in donating your blood plasma at B Positive Plasma? Want to learn more about who can donate? B Positive Insider is here to answer common eligibility questions about our program. 


Who is eligible to donate in the program? 

To become a donor at B Positive Plasma, you must be feeling well and living a healthy lifestyle, aged between 18 and 65 years old, weigh between 110 to 400 pounds, and live within a 35-mile radius of a B Positive collection center. All blood types are welcome! 

Do I need to make an appointment? 

Appointments are encouraged for first-time new donors, however, B Positive Plasma centers are walk-in facilities and new donors can be seen based on availability. Be prepared to spend between 2 ½ to 3 hours in the center your first time because you will receive a medical screening by one of our medical staff members. These staff members determine your eligibility to donate and can answer any medical questions you have. 

What documentation do I need to bring to my first donation? 

All prospective donors need to bring: 

  • A valid government issued photo ID 
  • Proof of full social security number* 
  • Proof of current address within 35 miles of a B Positive Plasma center 

*copies of social security cards are not accepted. You must provide the original or an accepted alternative such as a W-2, tax return or legal document that includes your full name and SSN. 

I am a full-time student near B Positive Plasma – can I donate? 

One of the exceptions to the 35-mile radius rule is if you are a full-time student attending a university within 35 miles of a center. You are eligible to donate, just bring your student ID with you! 

The other exception is if you are in the military and stationed within 35 miles of a center. Just bring proof of status with you when you come to your first appointment.  

How should I prepare for my first donation? 

Healthy living is the first step to becoming a donor at B Positive Plasma! Prepare your body for your donation by eating clean the day before and day of your donation, avoiding fatty and fried foods, and drinking plenty of water. Get a good night's sleep and stay home if you are feeling unwell. 

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