Get lucky in March! - B Positive Plasma

Get lucky in March!

You'll feel extra lucky this month with our March promotion at B Positive Plasma! We're continuing our 7 weeks of bonuses in celebration of our 7th anniversary and have 2 more ways you can earn big! Curious about what those rewards may be? B Positive Insider is here with the scoop: 


First 3 weeks are bonus weeks – eligible for an extra $25 when you donate twice 

Donate twice during a bonus week and earn an additional $25 on your second complete donation! Bonuses are paid to your reloadable B Positive Visa loyalty card when you complete your second donation in a bonus week. Both donations must be complete to qualify. Weekly bonuses will not be combined with the 5 x $50 first-time new donor promotion. 

Receive a $100 loyalty reward for your 7th complete donation in the month 

All donors are eligible to earn $100 total for their 7th complete donation in March! Donations made between 3/1 and 3/31 count towards this loyalty reward – donations made between 2/25 and 2/28 do not count towards the 7th donation loyalty reward. New donors are eligible for this loyalty reward after they complete the 5 x $50 first-time bonus promotion and their 6th and 7th donations are completed by 3/31. Start donating early in the month to increase your earning potential and remember to hydrate and eat a healthy diet! 

Receive a $35 bonus for every first-time donor you refer 

Spread the luck with your friends in March – all donors are eligible to earn a $35 referral bonus for every new donor you refer! This is a limited-time offer and expires 3/31, so share the luck fast! Tell your friends to schedule their first donation online and include your full name in order for you to earn the bonus. Walk-in donors must provide referral information during check-in at Reception. Referral bonuses are paid within 48 hours of a new donor's first complete donation. You must have completed a donation and have an active B Positive Visa loyalty card to earn referral bonuses.  

All promotions are subject to eligibility requirements. First time 5 x $50 promotion cannot be combined with weekly bonuses. Deferred donors are not eligible for special promotions. All compensation is paid to your reloadable B Positive Visa loyalty card.  

Haven't signed up yet to be a paid plasma donor at B Positive Plasma? Get started at to schedule your first appointment and earn $250 total for your first 5 donations!  


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