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Know your donation days

It's important to keep track of the days you donate at B Positive Plasma, particularly in the winter time with possible closures. Keep in mind the numbers 2, 7, and 1 for when you need to remember your days: You can donate plasma 2 times in a 7 day period with 1 day in between donations. 


A helpful way to think about your schedule is to count calendar days. Start counting your first donation day as "1" then continue counting until you reach day "8". You can donate twice in the days before the 8th day, then begin your donation cycle again! 

If you need to change your regular donation days and donate twice per week, you can move your donation day forward to ensure you are only donating 2 times in 7 days but you cannot move your donation day backwards. For example, if week 1 you donated Tuesday and Thursday but week 2 you are unable to come in on Tuesday, you cannot instead come in on Monday. If you donated week 2 on Monday you would have 3 donations in 7 days. You are not eligible to return until Tuesday on week 2.  



If you needed to move your first donation day forward and want to return to your regular days the following week, you will need to skip your first donation one week to get back on track the next. 

Your donation days may also be impacted by an emergency center closure due to weather or other circumstances. We encourage you to sign up for text messages for center closures and other info: 

  • Cherry Hill: Text CHERRYHILL to 82257 
  • College Park: Text COLLEGEPARK to 82257 
  • Glassboro: Text GLASSBORO to 82257 

If you ever need help keeping track of your days, you can always call and one of our team members will assist you! Another great way to track your donations is your mypaysign account – you can view all your payments and transactions there!  

Interested in becoming a paid plasma donor at B Positive Plasma? Sign up online at 


Get lucky in March with B Positive Plasma's 7th anniversary promotions! There's 3 bonus weeks, a $100 loyalty reward when you complete your 7th donation, and you can earn $35 for EVERY FIRST-TIME DONOR YOU REFER when they include your full name when they sign up online! There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, but hurry because this amount is a LIMITED-TIME OFFER that expires 3/31!   

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