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How to create an account with MyPaysign

Congratulations! You have completed donations at B Positive Plasma and are earning rewards on your reloadable Visa loyalty card. Do you know how to check your account balance for free? Have you set up an account with Paysign to set up a secure pin for debit and search your transaction history? B Positive Insider is here with the answers. 


Call Paysign to set up a secure PIN for debit and ATM transactions 

First, call the card company at 877-430-3628 to set up a secure pin if you wish to use your Visa loyalty card as a debit, at the ATM, and for any card related customer service questions. This information needs to be dealt with strictly through Paysign because
B Positive Plasma does not have access to a donor's transaction history or balance. 

Four ways to check your account balance for free 

However, don't go to the ATM to look up your balance! That will incur a $0.60 fee. There are four ways you can check the balance on your card for free: 

  • Swipe your card at the Paysign kiosk located in B Positive  
  • Call Paysign 
  • Sign up for text messages via Paysign 
  • Create an account at 

Creating an account with MyPaysign 

To create an account with the card company, visit and click "Register here" 


The website will then prompt you to type in your card number and security code on the back. Hit next, and the page will ask you for your contact information before you click "Register". 


Creating an account with Paysign will also help you keep track of your donation schedule and how many donations you have made because you have access to your transaction history.  

Interested in learning more about B Positive Plasma's rewards and promotions? Visit for updates! 


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