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Know your schedule – special holiday edition

It's important to keep track of the days you donate and try to stick to a schedule if you can. If you need to change your days for any reason, you may go forward a day, but you are unable to go back. Keeping this in mind will be especially important for Monday donors coming up because B Positive is closed both Monday, December 25, Christmas Day and Monday, January 1, New Year's Day.  


So, you may be wondering:

  • "What do I do if my first donation day of the week is Monday?" 
  • Well, if your donation days are traditionally Monday and Wednesday, you can donate Wednesday and choose a second donation day that is not Thursday (because of the 1 day in-between rule).  

You may also be wondering: 

  • "What do I should I do if I want to return to donating Mondays again after the holidays?" 
  • Unfortunately, you will have to skip a donation in order to return donating on Mondays to avoid a 3 in 7 situation. You may donate for the first time Wednesday or any day after that until Saturday, but you cannot donate twice that week if you'd like to donate the following Monday. 

It's helpful to remember the numbers 2, 7, and 1 to determine your donation days:

You can donate 2 times in a  day period with at least day between donations! 

If you ever need help keeping track of your days, you can contact us and we will assist you! 

Thank you for being an important part of our B Positive Team!




Your plasma donations help people who need them feel well and happy during the holidays. Sharing your blood plasma spreads joy to people who need therapies, and checking in to our center on Facebook with #Donatejoy lets your family and friends know about our program (which may even earn you a $20 referral bonus!). #Donatejoy this holiday season to save lives and help others feel the joy of giving. 

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