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Healthy living guide

Healthy living is the first step when you are interested in donating at B Positive Plasma. You must be in good health, practice good nutrition and drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Here are some more tips in greater detail for becoming and staying a regular donor: 

Proper nutrition 

Diets rich in vegetables, fruits, and grains will keep you a successful, regular donor. Eating foods high in iron help keep your hematocrit levels in range because it helps your body absorb Vitamin C necessary for your body to produce red blood cells and stay healthy. Bell peppers, sweet potatoes, lemons, strawberries, spinach and kale are packed with both Vitamin C and iron. B Positive Insider has a collection of several recipes to boost your iron intake. 

It's also important to eat more protein when you choose to become a regular plasma donor. High-protein diets can increase plasma production post-donation, making it easier to donate frequently. Peas, legumes, lentils, nuts, fish, eggs and lean meats are recommended.  



Getting adequate rest is crucial to your donation. When you sleep well, you feel better and eat healthier. Also, you must remain awake and alert during your donation. 

Stay at home when you are sick 

If you come in to donate when you don't feel well, you may be ineligible to donate that day. Or, you may pass your vitals screening and donate, but feel very unwell post-donation. Your plasma helps your body heal when it is ill, so if you are sick, you need your plasma more than B Positive Plasma does that day.  


Probably the most critical preparation for donating! Drinking a lot of water every day will be good for your body in many ways, including regenerating plasma quickly. B Positive Insider's advice is: 

  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily 

  • 4-6 before your donation 

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol the day of your donation and post-donation 

  • Hydrate with a powerade (a phlebotomist will offer one to you) post-donation


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