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Happy Holidays (but don't overindulge!)

Happy Holidays from B Positive Plasma! The holidays are a time to be grateful for faith, family, friends, and food. So, enjoy merriment with loved ones, but remember – don't eat too much and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate if you plan on donating the next few days after! 


During the holidays, we see the most lipemic donations out of the year because donors are consuming more fat, sodium, and sugar. It happens – eating is a social thing and with all the holiday parties it's difficult to stay away from cookies, mashed potatoes, cheesy pastas, and drinks. However, in order to donate healthy plasma, you need to be well-hydrated and eat healthy on donation days. Successful donations that end in compensation begin with a disciplined diet, so enjoy the holidays, but don't overindulge! 


Your plasma donations help people who need them feel well and happy during the holidays. Sharing your blood plasma spreads joy to people who need therapies, and checking in to our center on Facebook with #Donatejoy lets your family and friends know about our program (which may even earn you a $20 referral bonus!). #Donatejoy this holiday season to save lives and help others feel the joy of giving.

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