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First-time Donor Experience in the Center

Have you made your first appointment to donate at B Positive Plasma or still trying to figure out if our program is right for you? If so, you are probably curious to know what happens when you visit the center for the first time. That is why B Positive Insider is here to walk you through what you will experience at your first donation. 

But before we dive into your first visit, let's go over how you should prepare for a successful plasma donation. 

Prepare to donate 

  • Hydrate: Drink 8-10 glasses daily to ensure proper hydration before and after your donations

  • Eat a Healthy Diet: Eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables and lean proteins to boost your iron and protein levels required for donating and avoid eating fatty or fried foods like ice cream or pizza the day before and the day you plan to donate. Foods like these could hinder you from completing a donation or give your plasma a cloudy appearance, and your donation will be destroyed if it is too fatty

  • Make Healthy Choices: Get 6-8 hours of sleep before your donation, limit your caffeine and alcohol intake and avoid smoking prior to your donation

Step 1: Check In 


When you arrive at our center for your donation, you will be greeted by one of our friendly receptionists. Once you are signed in, you will complete some new donor paperwork and we will review your required documents including your: valid photo ID, Social Security card, and proof of address if the address on your ID is not current

If your documents are sufficient, you will then proceed to a check-in kiosk to answer your first Health History Questionnaire.  A medical staff member will call you from the screening stage and escort you to a screening booth upon completion. 

Step 2: Screening 


A medical assistant or nurse will check your vitals including temperature, pulse, and blood pressure, record your weight and take a drop of your blood to test for protein levels and number of red blood cells in your blood to determine it is safe for your body to donate. 

All first-time donors are required to have a screening exam performed by nurse to determine your eligibility to donate plasma based on your health and medical history. Any medical history, medication and other eligibility questions are answered by a nurse during your exam. After your initial physical, donors are required to be examined annually or if they have been inactive in the program for six months or longer.  

The nurse will review the plasmapheresis procedure in detail as well as all possible side effects and risks associated with the procedure as well as any questions you may have at this time. Plasmapheresis is the process by which your plasma is separated from other component parts using a high-tech machine that safely collects plasma and returns your other components to you. This process takes about 40 minutes to complete. 

Step 3: Complete your donation 

Once your screening is completed, you will be escorted to the donor floor to complete your donation. One of our friendly phlebotomists will greet you and begin your procedure, helping to answer any questions you might have along during the process. While you donate, you can relax and watch TV or use our Free Donor Wi-Fi for your phone or tablet. If your battery is running low, feel free to plug in to our charging station located on your donor bed!  

Step 4: Get paid, save lives 

Compensation is paid onto reloadable B Positive Visa loyalty card the nurse gives you during your physical up to 30 minutes after you have completed your donation. You can earn $50 each for your first five complete donations made within 30 days of your first visit to the center. After 30 days, you are compensated based on your weight and how often you donate per month. Additionally, you are eligible for monthly bonus promotions. After your first appointment, you will no longer need to make an appointment online and may walk in to the center for your second donation. 

If you haven't signed up yet to earn a total of $250 your first 5 donations and save a life by giving blood plasma, what are you waiting forGet started at!  


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