Donate twice this week to reach that 6th donation faster - B Positive Plasma

Donate twice this week to reach that 6th donation faster

It's nearly mid-month and we want to know – did you make your first donation yet this week 

When you complete two donations this week, you will earn a $20 bonus at your second donation, PLUS you will be that much closer to your 6th donation of the month worth $90! That's right - this month you will receive an additional $50 on top of your $40 compensation for your 6th complete donation! Who wouldn't want to reach that 6th donation faster and earn $90 for your donation?!?




If you donate early and often, you'll be eligible for up to 9 donations in November*. More money, more spending for the holidays, more lives saved – a tremendous Thanksgiving trifecta at B Positive.  

So, if you're interested in garnering more cash and saving more lives, donate twice a week! Just remember to be prepared by eating healthy, hydrating, and keeping yourself well.  



Did you know that B Positive Plasma is paying $20 referral bonuses all month long for each referred new donor who completes their first donation? Learn more at

*Maximum donations per month is subject to eligibility and donation days.

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