ABCs of plasma: "U" is for "Ubiquinone" and "V" is for "Von Willebrand Disease" - B Positive Plasma

ABCs of plasma: "U" is for "Ubiquinone" and "V" is for "Von Willebrand Disease"

Hey there, awesome life-savers! B Positive Insider here to deliver you the news on letters "U" and "V" in the ABCs of plasma blog series. Let's dive in to learn more about how your blood plasma donation has the potential to help others by boosting their ubiquinone levels and staving off symptoms of Von Willebrand Disease. 

Ubiquinone, or coenzyme Q10, resembles a vitamin and provides a large amount of energy to your organs, specifically the organs that require the most energy, which are your heart, liver, and kidneys. Plasma transports ubiquinone throughout your body so that your organs can break down food into energy and continue to operate smoothly. When someone receives source plasma for traumatic or medicinal purposes, ubiquinone available in the donor plasma provides energy to their organs to help them fight off infection and make them stronger. You are literally sending a person in need your energy! 



Von Willebrand disease is a bleeding disorder where an affected person's blood does not clot quickly or well because they are either missing von willebrand factor clotting protein or the protein doesn't work at a high level. It is most often hereditary with very rare exceptions.  

During an injury involving a cut or bruise, someone with Von Willebrand disease will have heavy bleeding that is hard to stop, even if it is a minor injury.Their organ function could suffer due to severe blood loss and cause problems for them later on.  

Your plasma donation helps people affected with Von Willebrand disease because you have healthy von willebrand protein that also carries clotting factor VIII. When they receive source plasma products, your protein levels work to help their platelets form a clot in case of injury! 






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