ABCs of plasma: "M" is for "Marrow", "N" is for "Nutrition" - B Positive Plasma

ABCs of plasma: "M" is for "Marrow", "N" is for "Nutrition"

Hey there! B Positive Insider here to bring you M & N – for "marrow" and "nutrition". 

Bone marrow is the flexible tissue inside your bones and produces red blood cells, in a process called haemopoiesis. Haemopoietic stem cells have the ability to form red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, and these stem cells are sometimes used to treat leukemia, bone marrow failure, lymphoma, and other immune disorders.  

Your plasma donation comes into the picture when one of these diseases causes someone to need a bone marrow transplant. A person may need a transplant because their bone marrow is unable to make blood cells that adequately fight off infection from abnormal cells, so you need to help them with your healthy plasma!  


Proper nutrition is incredibly important when preparing for your donation. Eating greasy or fried foods such as cheesesteaks and pizza and fatty foods like ice cream can cause your blood to be too fatty, or lipemic, and render your plasma unusable. In addition, these foods can cause your blood pressure and bad cholesterol to increase. You don't want that!  

Always prepare for your donation by eating healthy the day before your appointment and the day of and drinking plenty of liquids to ensure you will have a smooth and successful donation. Good nutrition is helpful for every step of the way at B Positive! 




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