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ABCs of plasma: "K" is for "K+", "L" is for "Liquid"

Hello again! B Positive Insider here to bring you the letters K and L, for "K+" and "liquid"! 

So, you're probably wondering what "K+" is. Well, it is the element symbol for potassium, and potassium serum exists in your blood to help your nerves and muscles communicate. When someone has low potassium levels it can be dangerous; you may experience nausea, muscle cramps or weakness, dehydration, low blood pressure, and confusion. 

It is very important that you as a donor keep your potassium levels high so that your body can perform at its best after donating several times. You can do this by eating bananas, lean meats, lentils or pinto beans, and drinking soy or animal's milk. A potassium supplement may also be a good idea for some donors. Low potassium levels could also cause irritability, so good potassium levels will keep you happy too! 


"L" is for "liquid", and there are a lot of liquid-related things to talk about on the topic of blood plasma, but we are going to focus on liquids to drink for hydration! Being very hydrated is important when donating plasma because the process is dehydrating and you could have a reaction if you are not properly hydrated (it also means your potassium levels are good)! Your blood will also flow faster if you've drunk an adequate amount of water or juice prior to coming in.  

And don't forget, you can eat your water as well! I like to go by the 3 "Cs": cauliflower, cucumber, and citrus. These foods have a high water content and can give your body a much-needed vitamin A and C boost as well. You can eat them on their own, in a salad or wrap, or in your water! 




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