ABCs of Plasma: "E" is for "Eligibility", "F" is for "Factors VIII and IX" - B Positive Plasma

ABCs of Plasma: "E" is for "Eligibility", "F" is for "Factors VIII and IX"

Hey there! B Positive Insider here with your next two letters in our alphabet saga: E and F! These letters are pretty exciting because they deliver facts on donor "eligibility" at B Positive Plasma and shed some light on specific clotting factors, specifically "factors VIII and IX", that are normal in your blood plasma, but problematic in people with Hemophilia A and B. 

In order to be eligible to participate in B Positive's program, you must: 

  • Be a healthy adult between 18-65 years; 

  • Weigh 110-400 pounds; 

  • Live within a 35 mile radius of one of our donation centers; 

  • Have a valid photo ID; 

  • Original proof of Social Security Number; 

  • A proof of address, such as a copy of your lease agreement or tax forms, if the address on your ID is not where you currently live; and  

  • Be a full-time student with proof of ID if living at a university within 35 miles of our center if your permanent address is not in the area. 

Certain instances may bar you ineligible to donate plasma, such as pregnancy, recent tattoos or piercings, some international travel, and some medical conditions and medications. Please feel free to contact us anytime, and your questions will be answered by a qualified member of our staff! 


"F" is for Factors VIII and IX. Among the different clotting factors found in plasma, these two create the most problems in people diagnosed with Hemophilia A and B. Those with Hemophilia A have a Factor VIII deficiency, and those with Hemophilia B have a Factor IX deficiency. With both factor deficiencies, people bleed longer than people with normal levels, and they are at a greater risk of bleeding internally into joints and muscles.  

Fortunately, once diagnosed, people with Hemophilia receive either recombinant factor products made in a lab with DNA technology or human source plasma products. Source plasma products are better to use because affected peoples' blood will absorb them faster, however, 70% of the hemophiliac community still use recombinant factor DNA products because they are quicker to generate in a lab and there is a global plasma deficiency.  So, keep donating plasma! You will help a person live a healthier life longer, and decrease the use of recombinant factor products! 





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