"C" is for "Clotting Factors", "D" is for "Donor" - B Positive Plasma

"C" is for "Clotting Factors", "D" is for "Donor"

Hey there! B Positive Insider here with the next two letters coming at ya: C and D! 

"C" is for clotting factors, which are proteins found in blood plasma that control bleeding. Clotting factors, or coagulants, work together to stop bleeding, so your donations are very important to people who were born without these special clotting factors or developed illnesses that prevent their blood from clotting! Such diseases include people with Hemophilia A; just one person affected by Hemophilia A can use up to 1,237 donations of plasma in a single year of therapy! Additional illnesses that source plasma products coagulate for are Von Willebrand disease and Antithrombin III Deficiency. 


"D" is for donor, a person who gives their time and blood plasma, A.K.A., a lifesaver and YOUBlood plasma donors at B Positive are compensated for their time based on how much usable plasma they give because you are truly giving the gift of life. Your plasma is manufactured into life saving medical therapies that treat burns, shock, trauma, immunological disorders, heal wounds, etc. New donors are compensated $50 for their first 5 donations completed within 30 days, and repeat donors are compensated based on their weight and how often they donate in a month. Repeat donors are also eligible for weekly and monthly bonuses. So, there are two ways being a donor with B Positive is rewarding: compensation and saving lives!





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