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"A" is for Albumin, "B" is for Blood Plasma!

Hi there! B Positive Insider here to kick off the ABCs of Plasma with the first two letters of the alphabet: A and B!  

"A" is for albumin, an important enzyme located in blood plasma. It is the most common protein in your body, and for good reason! Albumin is 75% normal plasma colloid and 25% protein content, and provides protein to your body necessary for tissue regeneration and repair. Your liver processes it to prevent fluid leaking from your blood vessels and transport vitamins, drugs, hormones, and minerals such as calcium, potassium, and sodium through your body.  

When someone's liver does not produce enough albumin, either from cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, or genetic mutations like bisalalbuminemia, he or she experiences a huge decrease in their quality of life. Their bodies are more susceptible to disease, limb swelling, and can't fight infection. People who undergo shock and burns also need source plasma products to elevate their albumin levels. So, when you donate your healthy blood plasma, you are truly saving a life! There are so very many people who need albumin in your plasma to lead healthier and happier lives. 


"B" is for blood plasma, and you know what that is! Let's just delve a little deeper though, shall we? Blood plasma is the straw-colored liquid component of your blood that moves proteins along in your body. It also is imperative to clotting and fighting disease. B Positive Plasma phlebotomists collect your plasma through the process of plasmapheresis. During your donation - you are connected to a plasmapheresis machine by a needle and tubing. Your whole blood is drawn into the machine and then spun to separate out the plasma. Your plasma is collected in a bottle and the rest of your blood components are returned back to you. During the donation process you can relax, watch tv or play on your smart phone using our free Wi-Fi! The donations process takes around 45 minutes and can be done up to 2 times in a 7 day period with at least 1 day in between donations. 

Your donations of blood plasma are used to create life-saving medical therapies for patients in need. Your plasma is broken down into it's different components including antibodies, clotting factors, and other proteins. You are making a positive impact in many lives with every plasma donation that you make!




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