Do I Qualify for the Covid-19 Convalescent Plasma Collection Program?

Other than meeting the standard donor qualifications, per regulation convalescent plasma donors must provide additional information to enter the convalescent plasma program.  Below are is the key information about B Positive Plasma’s Convalescent Plasma Collection Program: 

  • To join this program, prospective donors must commit to making at least two donations.  Per regulation, a single plasma donation cannot be used in this or any source plasma program

  • Per regulation, prospective convalescent plasma donors must provide documentation that they confirmed positive for a COVID-19 viral infection or provide documentation that they have received a confirmed positive antibody test for COVID-19

  • Prior to entering the program, donors must wait 14 days from when they last experienced COVID-19 related symptoms

  • Convalescent plasma donors must meet all other plasma donor qualification criteria to join this program.  Exceptions may be made to donors who reside greater than 50 miles away

  • Convalescent plasma donors will be eligible to receive the same compensation Rewards and bonuses that all other new and repeat donors receive

  • You can donate convalescent plasma at all B Positive Plasma locations.