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Glassboro, NJ


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Doubletree Shopping Center next to Aldi
Accessible by NJ Transit Bus Routes 313, 418 & 412

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Text “GLASSBORO” to 82257 for updates and promotions.
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Contact Our Glassboro Donation Center


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Donation Hours

  • Monday7AM–6PM

  • Tuesday7AM–6PM

  • Wednesday7AM–6PM

  • Thursday7AM–6PM

  • Friday7AM–6PM

  • Saturday7AM–3PM

  • Sunday7AM–3PM

*Repeat donors can walk in up until the closing times listed above. 
New donors must arrive at least 90 minutes prior to closing times listed.
First donation appointments are strongly encouraged for new donors or if it has been more than 4 months since your last donation.

B Positive donors are financially compensated for the time they spend donating blood plasma. You can view our Donor Compensation Scale and monthly bonuses here. Qualified donors are eligible to donate up to twice a week and can receive an average of $50 per week in the form of a reloadable B Positive Visa debit card*. Make more money and save more lives when you refer friends to donate at B Positive Plasma.

*B Positive reserves the right to not allow an individual to donate twice in one week for any reason at any time.

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