ABCs of plasma: "W" is for "white blood cells", "X" is for "Factor X" - B Positive Plasma

ABCs of plasma: "W" is for "white blood cells", "X" is for "Factor X"

Hi life-savers! It's B Positive Insider here with the second to last post in the ABCs of plasma series (we know you're sad to see it end). Let's head in to tackle "W" and "X". 

White blood cells are responsible for fighting infection and boosting your immune system. During plasmapheresis, white blood cells are returned to you along with red blood cells and platelets while plasma is being separated. We don't want you to part with your white blood cells during donation, but your plasma could help boost the white blood cells of those in need! 


Factor X is another protein necessary in a process called the coagulation cascade that helps your platelets form a clot when you have a scrape or bruise. Some people inherit a deficiency in this clotting factor from their parents and experience mild to heavy bleeding during injuries. Your plasma helps these people's blood clot in case of an injury! 


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