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ABCs of plasma: summary

Hey there, awesome life-savers! Now that we're in October and finished the ABCs of plasma educational series, B Positive Insider is here to summarize the alphabet as it relates to the blood plasma universe. 

A is for Albumin, an important protein enzyme processed by your liver that repairs and regenerates tissue; 

B is for Blood Plasma, the liquid portion of your blood that transports protein and other nutrients through your body; 

C is for Clotting Factors, proteins in plasma that control bleeding; 

D is for Donor, someone who saves lives with their awesome healthy plasma donation; 

E is for Eligibility, the things that make you able to donate plasma, such as living within a 35 mile radius of one of our centers, aged 18-65 years, weighing between 110-400 pounds, and having the appropriate documents; 

F is for Factor VIII and IX, important clotting factors for plasma recipients with hemophilia; 

G is for Geography, must live within 35 miles of one of our centers; 

H is for Hematocrit, which measures the size of and how many red blood cells are in your blood; 

I is for Iron, important for your body to make hemoglobin;  

J is for Join our program! 

K is for K+, or keeping your potassium levels high;  

L is for Liquid, which you must drink lots of to be hydrated for donating! 

M is for Marrow, the flexible tissue in your bones that makes blood;  

N is for Nutrition, because you need a healthy, balanced diet to be a plasma donor! 

O is for Oxygen, carried by your blood;  

P is for Protein, so important to have good levels of! 

Q is for Questions, don't be afraid to ask! 

R is for Referrals, you get a bonus when your friends complete their first donation; 

S is for Serum, plasma without the clotting factors; 

T is for Trauma, your donation helps those experiencing shock, burns and trauma! 

U is for Ubiquinone, present in your plasma and provides energy to your organs; 

V is for Van Willebrand Disease, an illness that doesn't let blood clot; 

W is for White Blood Cells, that fight off infection and boost your immune system;  

X is for Factor X, a protein necessary for your platelets to form clots; 

Y is for You, are amazing donors! 

Z is for "Get those Zzzs!" Adequate sleep and rest is important when donating. 


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