ABCs of plasma: "Q" is for "Questions", "R" is for "Referrals" - B Positive Plasma

ABCs of plasma: "Q" is for "Questions", "R" is for "Referrals"

ABCs of plasma: "Q" is for "Questions", "R" is for "Referrals" 

Hello again! B Positive Insider here with the scoop on answers to the most common questions we hear from you and the bonus you can earn when you refer your friends! 

Of a long list of questions anyone donating plasma should ask, a few of the most frequently asked are: 

  • "Can I donate if my blood type isn't B+?" 

Though the company name is B Positive, we accept all blood types! The donation process is similar to donating whole blood or platelets, but because we separate your plasma from red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets and return those to you, your plasma can go to someone in need with any blood type!  

  • "How long after I donate will my payment appear on the card?" 

Typically right after your donation, however, sometimes payment could take up to 30 minutes to appear on the card if the center is busy. Plasma needs to be placed in the freezer within 30 minutes after you've completed donating to be deemed usable, and it is rare that payment takes longer than that. 

  • "Is it safe to donate plasma twice in 7 days?" 

It is absolutely safe! Plasma is 92% water, so the body is able to replace the fluid within a day or two. Drinking lots of fluids and eating healthy are paramount whendonating twice a week on a regular basis. 

Please never hesitate to ask as many questions as you need before, during, and after your donation! 


The referral bonus is a proud incentive B Positive offers to repeat donors. Even donors who can't participate in the program anymore can earn the referral bonus by referring their friends or family members to sign up online! When a friend or family member types in your name on the sign up form and completes their first donation, you are eligible to earn $10 on your visa debit card! 




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