ABCs of plasma: "G" is for "Geography", "H" is for "Hematocrit"! - B Positive Plasma

ABCs of plasma: "G" is for "Geography", "H" is for "Hematocrit"!

Hey there! B Positive Insider here to bring you the letters "G" and "H" for "Geography" and "Hematocrit", respectively.  

Our donors must live within 35 miles of a B Positive Plasma center to be eligible for the program. Plasma centers like ours are community based and must limit donors to a specific radius. We do accept full-time students who live at universities within 35 miles of our centers as long as they bring their student ID with them.  

There are two exceptions to this requirement:

  • If you are a student attending and living full-time at a college or university within 35 miles of our donation center 
  • You are a member of the military stationed within 35 miles of our donation center


Hematocrit measures how many and what size red blood cells are in your blood. As you know, a donor's hematocrit needs to be measured at the screening stage before every donation. Your finger is pricked and the medical assistant spins a droplet of blood in a small centrifuge, which measures your complete blood count. Your complete blood count lists a number value for your hematocrit is well as hemoglobin concentration.  

To be able to donate any given time, your hematocrit value needs to be between 38-54 for women and 39-54 for men. Most people, especially women, are deferred one day from donating plasma because their hematocrit value is too low, which means your blood cells are not receiving enough oxygen. Donating plasma with low hematocrit could put your body in danger. 

The most common cause of low hematocrit is anemia due to an iron-deficiency or vitamin B deficiency.  The best way to pump up your iron and vitamin B intake are by eating: 

Dark leafy greens 
Red meat 

So start snacking, so you can get back to saving lives! 



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