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Happy Thanksgiving (but don't overindulge!)

Happy Thanksgiving from B Positive Plasma! Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful for family, friends, and food, and to remember that diversity and coexisting in the midst of differences is beautiful. So, enjoy your day with loved ones and all that turkey and goodness, but remember – don't eat too much if you plan to donate Black Friday or Saturday! 



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Best holiday gifts under $100

Happy #thanksforgiving! Thanksgiving is next week with the soon-to-be gift-giving holidays right around the corner. Are you ready?  

If you're not, don't worry. The holidays can be stressful with all the hustle and bustle of shopping, so B Positive Insider has made a list of gifts under $100 you can feel good about giving your loved ones.  

Why under $100? Because if you completed 2 donations in the first and second weeks of November and donate a 6th time in the month, you are eligible to collect an additional $100 in bonuses! And using your bonus rewards to purchase holiday gifts is something to feel good about. 

So, without further ado, here are a few gifts you can give under $100: 


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Donate twice this week to reach that 6th donation faster

It's nearly mid-month and we want to know – did you make your first donation yet this week 

When you complete two donations this week, you will earn a $20 bonus at your second donation, PLUS you will be that much closer to your 6th donation of the month worth $90! That's right - this month you will receive an additional $50 on top of your $40 compensation for your 6th complete donation! Who wouldn't want to reach that 6th donation faster and earn $90 for your donation?!?




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Thanks for giving bonus earns you more for holiday shopping

Here at B Positive, you can earn up to $100* for your blood plasma donations in November! How do you earn these awesome rewards? There are three ways: 





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B Positive Plasma highlights different plasma protein therapies to recognize IPAM

If you read our earlier post about International Plasma Awareness Week, you'll know that here at B Positive we are so excited that we are celebrating the whole month of October with International Plasma Awareness Month – IPAM!* 

Our last article summarized plasma protein therapies for bleeding disorders, hereditary angiodema, and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy – in this post, we'll focus on how your donation goes to additional therapies for primary immune deficiencies, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, and some rare neurological disorders! 



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B Positive Plasma celebrates international plasma awareness all month long

At B Positive Plasma - increasing awareness about the importance of plasma donation and recognizing the impact of plasma donors is an important part of what we do. We are proud to participate in International Plasma Awareness Week IPAW and will continue to highlight awareness all month long in what we like to call B Positive's International Plasma Awareness Month - IPAM!*



In her statement to the House of Representatives on Friday, October 13, California Congresswoman Doris O. Matsui recognized International Plasma Awareness Week and how plasma donors make a huge impact:


"Plasma-derived therapies save and improve lives of individuals throughout the world, including in emergency and surgical medicine. Plasma protein therapies have significantly improved the quality of life, markedly improved patient outcomes, and extended the life expectancy of individuals with rare, chronic diseases and conditions," she said.


Rep. Matsui is an advocate for primary immunodeficiency disease patients, and co-authored the Medicare IVIG Access Act, which allows these patients to receive plasma protein therapies in their homes. 

Your plasma donation is critical for creating life-saving medical therapies. In this post, we will highlight several important uses of plasma protein therapies. 


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ABCs of Plasma: "Y" is for "You", "Z" is for "Get your zzzs!"

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ABCs of plasma: "W" is for "white blood cells", "X" is for "Factor X"

Hi life-savers! It's B Positive Insider here with the second to last post in the ABCs of plasma series (we know you're sad to see it end). Let's head in to tackle "W" and "X". 

White blood cells are responsible for fighting infection and boosting your immune system. During plasmapheresis, white blood cells are returned to you along with red blood cells and platelets while plasma is being separated. We don't want you to part with your white blood cells during donation, but your plasma could help boost the white blood cells of those in need! 


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ABCs of plasma index

ABCs of plasma: "I" is for "Iron", "J" is for "Join"

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