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Iron-rich recipes: sweet potato fritters and pinto beans

This easy recipe is chocked full of iron and fiber to boost your immunity and keep you a successful donor. The sweet potato fritters are crispy on the outside but tender inside, and the paprika-flavored pinto beans are a great vegetarian substitute for healthy protein. Here's what you'll need and how to make it: 


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The Donation Process

Your plasma is collected through a special process that separates your plasma from whole blood when you donate at B Positive Plasma. Interested in learning more or have some questions about it? B Positive Insider will help with the answers. 


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Your donation relies on hydration

Staying hydrated is important for anyone, but is particularly crucial when you are a frequent or first-time plasma donor. Dehydration can lead to light-headedness, headaches, low blood pressure, and, of course, an incomplete donation. Since plasma is 92% water, it is critical to be well hydrated before and after you donate.  Which means, being told to drink water. However, who wants to spend the time finding and chugging water all day? It’s time-consuming, and involves frequent bathroom trips. That is why B Positive Insider has compiled a list of healthy alternatives to eating your water! 


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Half-hour chili

This tasty vegetarian chili recipe only takes 30 minutes to prepare and will satiate your appetite as well as boost your iron levels for your generous plasma donations. It's also high in fiber and increases your immunity, so cook this up any season for flavorful nutrient boost! Here's what you'll need (you can switch out the bulgar for a pea-based alternative or 2 lbs. ground turkey if you're not interested in a vegetarian option): 


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Common Donor Eligibility Questions

Interested in becoming a paid plasma donor at B Positive Plasma? Want to learn more about who can donate? B Positive Insider is here to answer common eligibility questions about our program. 


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Grilled fish tacos

For our last #wellnesswednesday iron-rich recipe post in December, B Positive Insider is serving up a grilled fish taco recipe that will elevate your iron levels but not your fat intake. The trick to grilling the fish so that it has that fried food taste is to coat the fillets with an Adobo rub and make sure the grill is hot and well-oiled. 


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Know your schedule – special holiday edition

It's important to keep track of the days you donate and try to stick to a schedule if you can. If you need to change your days for any reason, you may go forward a day, but you are unable to go back. Keeping this in mind will be especially important for Monday donors coming up because B Positive is closed both Monday, December 25, Christmas Day and Monday, January 1, New Year's Day.  


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Five shrimp and vegetable packets

Shellfish is a great source of dietary iron, so this #wellnesswednesday B Positive Insider is serving up five shrimp and vegetable packets! The snap peas and bell pepper give it an extra Vitamin C kick, and you can serve this over brown rice and quinoa for an additional fiber boost too! This recipe is great because you can heat it in the oven to warm up in the winter or grill it outside in the summer to avoid a hot kitchen. Here's what you'll need and how to make it: 


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Happy Holidays (but don't overindulge!)

Happy Holidays from B Positive Plasma! The holidays are a time to be grateful for faith, family, friends, and food. So, enjoy merriment with loved ones, but remember – don't eat too much and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate if you plan on donating the next few days after! 


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Waffles in hot cherry sauce

Did you know that cherries (not the maraschino ones used on sundaes and in drinks!) are chock full of iron, calcium, Vitamin A, and protein? They are also potassium vessels that keep your heart, kidneys, and nerve cells functioning smoothly. And they can help you get a good night's sleep – all factors that are important when you donate plasma! 

This week's iron-rich recipe features a hot cherry sauce, a nutritious alternative to maple syrup, smothered on whole grain waffles. Here's what you'll need and how to make it: 


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