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Highlights from our Grand Opening

Hi all! Your B Positive Insider here to give you all the highlights from the Grand Opening of our brand new Cherry Hill location on Monday. It was a busy day from morning to night with very positive feedback from repeat to new donors alike! Here are a few of the most important details from Monday:

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New Cherry Hill Center Grand Opening

Hello again! It's your B Positive Insider here to tell you that our new Cherry Hill Location OPENS THIS MONDAY, JULY 17 at 7 AM!! Our Haddonfield Road location will be closed permanently as of Sunday, July 16.


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Four great reasons to donate in July

Hey everyone, it’s your B Positive Insider here to let you know what you get when you donate blood plasma in July! In honor of the Fourth, I’ve come up with four fantastic reasons you should donate this month:


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Tips for a successful and swift donation

Your health and nutrition are critical to a successful plasma donation. Adequate sleep, hydration, and a healthy diet are all important to keep you feeling well, your plasma yellow and acceptable for collection, and money in your pocket! That is why your friendly B Positive Insider has compiled a list of tips to follow to remain healthy and successfully donate plasma.


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Fun things to do while you donate life-saving plasma

It’s true lying down on a bed with a needle in one arm may not be the most exhilarating way to spend time, but you need to go through it to donate plasma. However, your B Positive Insider found some interesting and anxiety-relieving one-handed activities to keep you entertained while you donate:


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Referrals: increase your earnings and save more lives

Did you know you can earn more when you refer a friend or family member to donate blood plasma? It’s true! When you invite a friend or family member to sign up online, ask him or her to include your name on their sign up form and you will earn an additional $10 the day he or she completes their first donation!


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Fun ways to hydrate - without drinking water!

Staying hydrated in the summertime heat is important for anyone, but is particularly crucial when you are a frequent or first-time plasma donor. Dehydration can lead to light-headedness, headaches, low blood pressure, and, of course, an incomplete donation. Since plasma is 92% water, it is critical to be well hydrated before and after you donate.  Which means, being told to drink water. However, who wants to spend the time finding and chugging water all day? It’s time-consuming, and involves frequent bathroom trips. That is why your friendly BPositive Insider has compiled a list of healthy alternatives to eating your water! Some of these solutions will even suffice for your healthy, low-fat, high-protein meal too!


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