College Park Bonus - B Positive Plasma


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Bonus Week 1: 

Mon, July 3 - Thur, July 6

Earn a $25 bonus when you complete 2 donations!

We are OPEN 9 am - 2:30 pm on July 4!

Bonus Week 2: 

Mon, July 10 - Thur, July 13
Earn a $15 bonus when you complete 2 donations!
All bonus weeks start on Monday and end on Thursday.
This promotion is for eligible repeat donors only.
Deferred donors are not eligible.
New donors earning $50 are not eligible for this promotion.
Bonus will be paid at the completion of your 2nd donation in each bonus week.
Both donations in each week must be complete to qualify.


 Promotions vary by location. This promotion applies to College Park donors only.

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