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Standard compensation and repeat donor promotions

Are you finished your first-time donor promotion or has it been 30 days since your first visit to a  
B Positive Plasma center? Then you are considered a repeat donor, which is just as exciting as being a new donor because our repeat donor compensation and monthly bonuses are just as rewarding! B Positive Insider will share the ways:  

Standard Compensation 

As a repeat donor, the compensation paid to your reloadable Visa loyalty card will be based on your weight and how many times you donate in a calendar month. The more you donate in a month, the more you earn each donation, and the more lives you save. With standard compensation alone, you are able to earn almost $300 a month if you donate 8 times. Remember, you can donate twice in a 7 day period with 1 day in between donations. 


Repeat donor promotions 

Monthly promotions are open to eligible repeat donors, and they change each month to offer the best rewards. Typically, B Positive Plasma offers two bonus weeks combined with a calendar month bonus.  

Oftentimes, our promotions include special bonus weeks where you can earn a bonus in addition to your standard compensation when you complete two donations in a designated bonus week, and it is paid to your reloadable Visa loyalty card after your second complete donation. Bonus weeks run from Sunday to Saturday. 

A calendar month bonus often occurs to incentivize donating 6 or more times within that month. When you make 6 or more complete donations within the calendar month, you will be compensated after that complete donation. 

Incomplete donations are paid on a sliding scale based on the collected volume of the donation and do not count towards bonus promotions. 

Not a donor yet and still need to sign up yet to become a donor at B Positive Plasma? Are you interested in earning a total of $250 your first 5 donations and saving a life by giving blood plasma? Get started at!   


B Positive Plasma wants to be your valentine this February! Repeat donors are eligible for an additional $25 at your second donation when you complete two donations every week. In addition, you are also eligible to a $75 total loyalty reward on your 7th donation made within the calendar month! And if that doesn't unlock the key to your heart, you have a chance to earn $35 for EVERY FIRST TIME DONOR YOU REFER when they sign up online and add your full name. So, share the love this month and make B Positive Plasma YOUR plasma center!  

*Referrals apply to first-time donors only. Referrals will be paid within 48 hours of new donor's first complete donation. Donation must be complete between 2/1 and 2/28 to receive $35 bonus

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