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Fun things to do while you donate life-saving plasma

It’s true lying down on a bed with a needle in one arm may not be the most exhilarating way to spend time, but you need to go through it to donate plasma. However, your B Positive Insider found some interesting and anxiety-relieving one-handed activities to keep you entertained while you donate:


  1. Play with Fidget Cubes

The adult version of Fidget Spinners! Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you bring in the spinners. But this stress-relieving cube is meant for one hand and perfect for keeping you calm and your blood pressure leveled. Spin, roll, flip, glide, and click your way through a successful donation.


      2. Read a book!

Readers are leaders and knowledge is power. Bring a book on your list, a magazine, newspaper, or your kindle to delve into another world or inform yourself while sitting back. Or study for quizzes, tests, or exams, for you college kids. You’re getting paid while you do.

     3. Listen to music

B Positive Plasma is currently compiling a Spotify station! We’ll share it online so you can plug in. Donor recommendations are welcome!

     4. Talk to other donors


We have a great group of people who come in to save lives twice a week or come in as newbies. Chat and get to know one another!


     5. Get educated

That’s right, pretty soon B Positive Plasma will have infomercials between television shows! You can learn updates about plasma and donor recipients as we learn them from the science and medical world.

     6. Schedule your next donation

Sign up for your next life-saving act on your phone while you wait!


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