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Fun things to do while you donate life-saving plasma

B Positive Insider found some interesting and anxiety-relieving one-handed activities to keep you entertained while you donate! Read on for 5 ways to pass the time you spend saving a life:


1. Use your phone

You have one hand free while you donate (don't move your donating arm from its position!), so we encourage donors to use their phones to email, text, or peruse our website for more information on plasmapheresis and bonus promotions!

2. Read a book

Readers are leaders and knowledge is power. Bring a book on your list, a magazine, newspaper, or your kindle to delve into another world or inform yourself while sitting back. Or study for quizzes, tests, or exams, for you college kids. You’re getting paid while you do. BONUS: Kindle has a free app and offers free downloads that you can read on your smart phone using B Positive's FREE Wi-Fi!

3. Listen to music

Listen to free music on apps like Pandora or Spotify.

4. Meet someone new

We have awesome donors and staff members. Chat and get to know one another! 


5. Get educated

Read our website, look around at bonus information around the center, and ask questions of our friendly staff members.




B Positive Plasma wants to be your valentine this February! Repeat donors are eligible for an additional $25 at your second donation when you complete two donations every week. In addition, you are also eligible to a $75 total loyalty reward on your 7th donation made within the calendar month! And if that doesn't unlock the key to your heart, you have a chance to earn $35 for EVERY FIRST TIME DONOR YOU REFER when they sign up online and add your full name. So, share the love this month and make B Positive Plasma YOUR plasma center!  

*Referrals apply to first-time donors only. Referrals will be paid within 48 hours of new donor's first complete donation. Donation must be complete between 2/1 and 2/28 to receive $35 bonus. 


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